Shraman Sangh Vikas Fund

Started on the auspicious day of 1st Jan 2010 with the blessings of Shraman Sanghai Chathurath Pattadhar Acharya Bhagwan Shree Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj, in the congregation of Shrawaks and Shrawikas those were present there from all over India and also in the auspicious presence of Shraman Sanghai Uppadhaya Shree Ravinder Muni Ji Maharaj and Rastriya Mantri Shri Shrish Muni Ji Maharaj.

The main objectives of the S.S.V. Fund were declared as under:-


  • To impart religions education to Monk, Nun and Vairagees on the basis of ‘Jain Scriptures’
  • Dikhsha of Vairagees in groups instead of Individual’s Diksha to curb the wastage of extra expenditure


  • Facilities to be provided for medical help, to Jain Sadhus & Sadhvis who are suffering from chronicle diseases including facilities of Operations if needed
  • Salary facility to the servants who are working for 24 hours in the service of Sadhu and Sadhvis
  • For the help of old age Sadhu and Sadhvis


  • Whatever instruction, guidance and orders will be issued from the office of the Acharya Shree, the relevant documents will be sent in a regular, disciplined and systematic way to all the office bearers Saints throughout India
  • Proper publication and distribution of of Shraman Sanghai Magazine
  • To organize Shrawak Samiti at state and center level through which the programmes will be conducted in a smooth and proper way so that all may get information in time and may take part in different kinds of activities of Shraman Sangh

Manner of Help

  • Patron – Rs. 21,00,000 /-
  • Foundation Pillar – Rs. 11,00,000 /-
  • Pillar – Rs. 1,00,000 /- year (For Ten Years)
  • Permanent Fund – Rs. 1,00,000 (One Time)
  • Special Member – Rs. 11,00,000 (One Time)
  • Member – Rs. 1,000 /- year (for Ten Years)
how can we help you?

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ध्यान गुरु, आत्मज्ञानी सदगुरु, श्रमण संघीय चतुर्थ पट्टधर आचार्य सम्राट परम पूज्य श्री शिव मुनि जी महाराज के 79 वें जन्म महोत्सव दिनांक 18 सितम्बर 2020 को श्री ऑल इंडिया श्वे. स्था. जैन कॉन्फ़्रेन्स नई दिल्ली के तत्वावधान में सामूहिक 79000 सामायिक एवं सामूहिक एकासन दिवस के रूप में मनाया जाएगा।

दिनांक 18-9-2020 को प्रात: 7 से 8 बजे आचार्य भगवन के यहाँ से LIVE वीतराग सामायिक आत्म ध्यान साधना का सीधा प्रसारण सोशल मीडिया पर होगा और आचार्य भगवन के मुखारविंद से एकासन तप का प्रत्याख्यान होगा।

सामूहिक 79000 सामायिक एवं एकासन दिवस
18th सप्टेंबर 2020