Chaturmas 2007 Ambala (Haryana)

Chaturmas 2007 Ambala

Jain Acharya Samrat Dr Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj Chaturmas 2007 Ambala City, Haryana, India
Ambala is one of the important cities of the northern India in Haryana located on the outskirts of Punjab. According to an old saying, the city was once a house of mango-trees and hence got its name “Ambala” from “Amba-wala”. Ambala has significant contribution in the history of the country. dissertation projects abroad college application essay service joke should we have homework dissertation on social psychology The True Story Of How I Wrote Someone Else's Master's dissertation proposal service gantt charts the British version of a thesis advisor. He would meet the tutors to It has been a centre of attraction for the Jain Samaj. The very first Jain educational centre‘Jainendra Gurukul’ was established in Ambala which is still attaining new heights of success.
What term paper writing service do you trust? Trust when you need to visite site online. Order your paper today! Ambala is considered to be a place of pilgrimage for the Jains due to the asceticism (Tapa) and renunciation (Tyaga) of the great saints of the era including Bharat Kesari Acharya Pravar Pujya Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Maharaj, a great ascetic revered Shri Lal Chand Ji Maharaj, a great hermit Shri Sudarshan Muni Ji Maharaj and a great saint Santhara Sadhika Shri Swarn Kanta Ji Maharaj. When during the Jammu Chaturmas of Yug Purush, Shraman Sanghiya Chaturath Pattadhar, Acharya Smrat , Pujya Shri Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj, the chaturmas for 2007 for Ambala was declared, there was a wave of happiness in the Jain Samaj of Ambala. The Jain Samaj was so enthusiastic that preparations for the Chaturmas started from that day. Under the leadership of Shri Prem Raj Jain, President, S S Jain Sabha, Ambala City, This Chaturmas became historical as being the first Chaturmas by a Jain Acharya on the holy land of Ambala. The presence of Maha Sadhvi Maha Shramani Shri Sudha Ji Maharaj added yet another feather in the cap of Jain Samaj of Ambala. Order this website & Secure Highest Grades at a lowest price of (/page). Assignment writing service provided by MyAssignmenthelp. 4500+ PhD writers On the Maha Parv of Samvatsari, the ‘Kshmapana Patra’ issued by the humble and kind-hearted Acharya Bhagwan Pujya Shri Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj, for the unity of Shraman Sangh was widely welcomed and honoured in the whole country and ‘Ambala’ became even more significant and memorable in the history of Jain Samaj. For the success of this Chaturmas the efforts of Shri Gulshan Jain, General Secretary,  S S Jain Sabha, Ambala City and the members of the working Committee are highly appreciable.

Grand Show on the Entrance of Acharya Shri Ji in Ambala

It was a Red Letters Day in the history of Jain Samaj and a historic moment for the people of Ambala when they stood to welcome with zeal and devotion, the great saint of the era Yug Purush, Shraman Sanghiya Chaturath Pattadhar, Acharya Smrat , Pujya Shri Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj, in the early morning of 25th July 2007 on his entrance in Ambala City. The welcome procession started from P K R Jain School where the School Management, the Principal, the staff and the students and the office bearers and members of S S Jain Sabha gave a warm welcome to Acharya Shri Ji and his disciples.

Mahila Mandals, Yuvak Mandals and various members of the Jain Samaj accompanied Acharya ji and raised slogans his honour. They also sung various welcome and devotional songs. The procession was so giant and amazing that the entire entrance path was decorated with 71 great gates. The students of the various schools and the women made it even more grand and beautiful. People of Ambala were seen standing alongside the road to have a glimpse of their great Acharya and have his blessings. A number of distinguished people of various sects were also standing to express their gratitude for the great Acharya. They bowed their heads and welcomed him. Even the God Indra was so happy on his arrival at Ambala that he also welcomed him by a brief shower of rains. The procession finally reached it destination i.e. Mahavir Jain Bhawan where Acharya Shri Ji and his disciples and Mahasadhavi Ji and her disciples were formally welcomed.

In the felicitation ceremony, good wishes for this Chaturmas were expressed by Shri Shubham Muni Ji Maharaj. He on this occasion presented a sweet song. Later Shri Gulshan Jain, General Secretary,  S S Jain Sabha, Ambala City welcomed Acharya Ji, Shri Shirish Muni Ji, Shri Shubham Muni Ji and other saints. He also gave warm welcome to Mahasadhvi Shri Sudha Ji Maharaj and her disciples. The chairman reception Shri Vijay Kumar Jain welcomed the guests present on this occasion. Shri Arihant Jain, Shri Vishav Jain and Smt. Neelam Jain were the Chief Guests on this occasion. The flag was unfurled by the Hon’ble Chief Guests, Chairman of the Shravak Samiti Shri Sumti Lal Karnavat and Shri S. K. Jain and Smt. Vinay Jain of Ludhiana. ‘Shivacharya Samavasaran’ was inaugurated by Master Babu Ram Jain Family of Ambala. Prof. Ramesh Jain and his son Shri Vinay Jain, Proprietor, Vinayak Group of Companies were honouredfor accepting the responsibility to take care of food/breakfast of the guests and visitors for the entire Chaturmas.

The distinguished guests present on this occasion including Lala Nem Nath Ji, Shri Nrip Raj Jain, Jewel of Jain Samaj Shri Hira Lal Jain, Chairman of the Shravak Samiti (North India) Shri Mohinder Pal Jain, Chairman of Haryana Maha Sabha Shri Radhey Shyam Jain were welcomed. The members and office-bearers of S S Jain Sabha, Malerkotla were also present on this occasion. They welcomed Acharya Ji and prayed for the next Chaturmas of 2008 for Malerkotla. In this chain, under the leadership of Shri Madan Lal Jain, President, Veer Nagar Delhi; Vice-President, Shri Anil Jain and General Secretary, Shri Raj Kumar Jain requested to hold ‘Sadhu Sammelan’ at Delhi and also prayed for the Chaturmas of 2008 of  Acharya Shri Ji at Delhi.

On this occasion, a number of distinguished people presented their devotional feelings in the form of songs, lectures and poetic recitations. Local unit of Taruni Mandal, children of P K R Jain School and Shri Vinay Jain Devbandi presented their welcome songs. Lala Nem Nath Jain, Shri Hira Lal Jain and Shri Sumti Lal Karnavat expressed their best wishes for the Chaturmas of Acharya Ji and appreciated the history of Ambala. They congratulated the Ambala Sri Sangh for this historic Chaturmas.

Maha Sadhvi Shri Kiran Ji Maharaj, a great disciple of Shasan Jyoti Maha Sadhvi Shri Sudha Ji Maharaj, also welcomed Acharya Ji by singing a song appreciating the qualities of Acharya Ji. They called upon the people to make this Chaturmas spiritual with their full devotion. Shraman Sanghiya Mantri Shri Shirish Muni Ji Maharaj explained the meaning of ‘Mangal’ while expressing his best wishes. He expressed the view that today in the town ‘Mangal’ has been established. He blessed people to attain power of bliss in their lives.

Auspicious Message of Shivicharya Ji

In the closing moments of the programme Acharya Bhagwan bestowed his blessings for the well-being of the people. He thanked the members of Sri Sangh on the success of the programme and told that this is the welcome of the Jin Shasan. We are just a cause of it. He called upon the people to make this Chaturmas a Spritual and not just a historical one. While explaining the importance of ‘Navkar Mahamantra’ he motivated the people to give importance to detachment, gratefulness and devotion. He called upon people to set aside the feeling of ‘doing’ and set themselves in the feeling of ‘devotion’ i.e. non-doing. Our motto is to transform ‘Atma’ into ‘Paramatma’. We have spent our maximum time for fulfilling the needs of our body and keeping it fit but we must not forget to use it for extinguishing our ‘Karma’. He motivated people to come forward and involve themselves in asceticism, charity and morality. He emphasized that training shall be imparted for meditation for the purity of soul and realization of the distinction of body and soul. Veetraag Samayik shall be taught through the Shivirs. He appealed the people that we have already spent a valuable part of our life in collecting means but now we should use our body for the attainment of our aim.

Welcoming the Maha Sadhvi Ji on this occasion, he appealed them to motivate the people for participating in the religious activities in this Chaturmas. He told that the recitation of Navkar Mahamantra will continue for the whole Chaturmas. The beginning shall be made with the establishment of ‘Dharm Chakra’ and later ‘Dharm Prabhavna’ programmes will continue. He emphasized that all should collectively popularize ‘Veetraag Dharm’ in schools, colleges and other sects of the society; motivate people to become vegetarian and teach them the art of living. For it, the co-operation of everyone is desired.

Before entering Ambala City, a warm welcome was given by the Ambala Cantt. Sri Sangh. During the three days stay of Acharya Ji there, the people remained quite enthusiastic to listen Jinvani from him. Later on 20th July, Acharya Shri Ji reached the residence of Prof. Ramesh Chand Jain. On 21st July, Pravachan and Satsang were organized by Mahavir Jain Sangh.

On 22nd July, Public welcome was accorded to Acharya Ji in Sector-7, Urban Estate, and Ambala City. Hon’ble Education Minister, Haryana, welcomed Acharya Ji. The people of Ambala greeted this great saint in a most humble and beautiful manner. The entire Urban Estate was decorated splendidly. Acharya Shri Ji entered the Jain Sthanak of Sector-7 by the main pathway where he was greeted by Shri Sat Pal Jain, General Secretary, Shri Rajiv Jain and other members of the Working Committee. Mahavir Jain Yuvak Mandal of the Urban Estate was founded on this occasion and its members got valuable guidelines from Acharya Shri Ji.

Shasan Jyoti Maha Sadhvi Shri Sudha Ji Maharaj and Maha Sadhvi Shri Kiran Ji Maharaj also welcomed Acharya Ji and expressed their gratitude towards him. Acharya Shri Ji preached ‘Dharma’ to all present on the occasion. He praised the Sadhvivrind and remembered Santhara-Sadhika Maha Sadhvi Shri Swarn Kanta Ji Maharaj by making a special mention of her. He also expressed his devotion for Acharya Smrat Pujya Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Maharaj, Pujya Shri Lal Chand Ji Maharaj and Uppravartak Pujya Shri Sudarshan Muni Ji Maharaj. He bowed his head with reverence at their feet and praised their asceticism and detachment. Addressing the people of Ambala on this occasion, He called upon them to remember the Arihant Parmatma at every step of their life who is presently seated in Mahavideh Kshetra and is leading thousands of pure souls to salvation.

Wave of ‘Dharm Dhyan’ in the Chaturmas From the beginning of the Chaturmas, The people of Ambala had been taking advantage of the preaching and sermons of Acharya Shri Ji and participated in all programmes of Japa, Tapa, Gyana and Dhayana with full devotion and faith Asceticism (Tapa) was at full swings from the very beginning of the Chaturmas and the members of the Jain Samaj took part in Belas,
Telas, Ayambils and Athai Tapa. On 5th August hundreds of people participated in the Ekasana Tapa on the 64th Birth Day of Maha Sadhvi Shri Sudha Ji Maharaj. On this day free food (Langar) was organized. Maha Sadhvi Shri Kiran Ji Maharaj, Maha Sadhvi Shri Purnima Ji Maharaj and Maha Sadhvi ShriSamriti
Ji Maharaj expressed their views on her life. Acharya Shri Ji congratulated her on her Birth Day and decorated her with the title of ‘Maha Shramani’.

On 2nd August, on Devlok Gaman of Shraman Sanghiya Varishatha Salahakar Shri Chandan Muni Ji Maharaj, Shanti Path through Mahamantra Navkar was organised  and meditation was performed. On 3rd August, in the prayer assembly, his qualities were lauded. Acharya Shri Ji and other saints present on this occasion threw light on his life and appreciated his versatile, simple and cheerful personality. Birth Anniversary of Acharya Shri Anand Rishi Ji Maharaj Under the guidance and stewardship of Shraman Sanghiya Chaturath Pattadhar, Acharya Smrat, Pujya Shri Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj, holy Birth Anniversary of Shraman Sanghiya Dvitiya Pattadhar, Acharya Shri Anand Rishi Ji Maharaj was celebrated. Acharya Shri Ji, on this occasion, said that ‘Anand’ is our basic nature but we are unaware of it. He said that the great Acharya has the qualities true to his name. He used to remain cool and calm and retain the power of bliss within him even in the divergent situations. It is impossible to explain the life of such a great saint in words. We cannot bind the sea or the sun by any barrier. By reciting the qualities of such great saints and by remembering them and by offering prayer to them, we in fact extinguish our ‘Karmas’. Acharya Shri Ji said that the life of Acharya Shri Anand Rishi Ji Maharaj shows the inner side of our own like a mirror. Whatever we act in front of the mirror, the same is reflected by the mirror. He told the people present on this occasion that he accepted ‘Diksha’ at a very young age of 13 years and lived a life of self-control for 79 years. He called upon the people to learn something from his life.

He accepted, it is true that everyone cannot take ‘Diksha’ but we still can lead a controlled family life. While entering into the ‘Dharm Kshetra’ one has to face many hardships and opposition of the society. The society does not allow him to follow the path of ‘Dharma’. But if you are determined and have faith and devotion within you, then you live like a Lotus which lives in the mud but still remains unattached. When a person is doing some business or running a family, no one questions him but as he takes a step to follow the path of ‘Dharma’ debates start and his determination is getting examined. On this occasion Shraman Sanghiya Mantri Shri Shirish Muni Ji Maharaj, Maha Sadhvi Shri Kiran Ji Maharaj, The Chairman of Sarv Dharm Shanti Mission Shri Karnail Singh Ji Garib expressed their feelings of devotion to him.

Atam Vikas Course completed on this day in which 180 meditators were trained with the Art of Living.
Schedule of Acharya Shri Ji The daily schedule of Acharya Shri Ji remained quite hectic throughout the Chaturmas which started at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. Meditation and Pratikraman continued till 6:00 a.m. Further his schedule was :-from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. ‘Veetraag Samayik and Meditation’, 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. ‘Dharm Katha’, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. ‘Veetraag Samayik’, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon public contact, 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Aahar-seva., 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ‘Veetraag Samayik’, 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. self-study. From 4:30 p.m. onwards he was busy in meetings with Sri Sangh and evening Pratikraman. His day ended with Prayer and self-realisation at 9:00 p.m. 66th Birth Day of Acharya Bhagwan Celebrated 66th birth-day of Rashtra Sant, Yug-purush, Shraman Sanghiya Chaturath Pattadhar, Acharya Smrat
, and Pujya Shri Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj was celebrated as ‘Unity Day of the Sangh’ in the open ground of P K R Jain School on 23rd September in which thousands of devotees participated. On this pious occasion, Sadhvi Sudha Mandal presented a Chaddar in his
and decorated him with the title ‘Haryana Kesri’. Various Sri
of the country presented their requests to Acharya Ji for the next Chaturmas.
Speaking on this occasion, Acharya Bhagwan called upon people to make the unity of Shraman Sangh stronger. Wishing well-being of the people he reiterated that ‘Union is Strength’. The declaration of Unity is the innermost feeling of our heart. He said that whenever we have any feeling of animosity or hatred in our heart, then asking for forgiveness from the core of your heart is the invaluable Sutra of Lord Mahavira. From the deep analysis of all the religions, we draw the same conclusion that they have the same meaning to express. Words can be different. He cited the example of Todar Mal Jain who purchased land for the last rituals of Guru Govind Singh Ji and thus established religious co-ordination with Sikh Community. All the religions should give importance to emotional and organizational power. Shravak Sangh and the Sant Samaj should be aware of their duties and responsibilities. They should make meditation a part of their life. They should not indulge in unnecessary discussions for the organization of the Sangh and should increase positive motivation.

Shraman Sanghiya Mantri Shri Shirish Muni Ji Maharaj, Maha Sadhvi Shri Kiran Ji Maharaj, Shanti Doot Karnail Singh Garib, Jagadacharya Shri Chandra Swami Ji, Shri Sumti Lal Karnavat, Shri Nemi Chand Chopra, Shri Kanti Lal Jain and Shri Hasti Mal Munot prayed for the long life of Acharya Ji and congratulated him on the unity of Shraman Sangh and stated that he had created a new history which has formed an environment of pleasure and happiness in the country. Lacs of people are today impressed with the personality of Acharya Shri and are expressing their deep devotions for him. Mahila Mandal and P K R Jain Sr. Sec.School presented a play on the life of Acharya Ji which motivated people to attend meditation camps organized by Acharya Shri Ji.

On this occasion, various devotees present from different parts of the country expressed their best wishes to Acharya Shri Ji. The members of Jain Samaj of Udaipur, Indore, Delhi and Malerkotla prayed wholeheartedly for the next Chaturmas of Acharya Shri Ji in their regions. The Chairman of the Welcome Committee of the programme Shri Arun Kumar Jain; the Chairman, Shri Nem Nath Jain; The Chief Guest, Shri Rameshwar Parshad Aggarwal; Sardar Surjeet Singh Rakhra and Shantidoot Shri Karnail Singh Garib; the Guest of Honour, Jagadacharya Shri Chandra Swami Ji; the Special Guest of Honour, Shri Shyam Sunder Jindal; Chairman Shravakn Samiti, Shri Sumti Lal Karnavat; Chairman Jain Conferece, Shri Kanti Lal Jain; General Secretary, Shri Paras Ji Chajed ex-President, Shri Nemi Chand Chopra and other distinguished guests were honoured by garlanding and presenting mementoes.

Shri Surjeet Singh Rakhra was honoured with the title ‘Udyog Shiromani’ by the Jain Sabha. The services of the President of S S Jain Sabha Shri Prem Raj Jain and his working Committee were quite appreciable. The General Secretary Shri Gulshan Jain conducted the proceedings in a well organized manner. On the occasion of Atam -Shukal-Shiv Jayanti different programmes were organized from 18th to 23rd September. 18th September was celebrated as Samayik Divas. On this day Langar was also organized by Bhagwan Mahavir Charitable Trust for the poor. The devotees present on this occasion wished and prayed for long life of Acharya Shriji. Various songs, bhajans and poems were presented by them to express their inner heart feelings. Mahasadhavi Kiran ji

Maharaj also expressed her feelings and praised the qualities of Acharyaji. The Prabhavana of that day was performed by Shri Prem Raj Jain. On 19th September ‘Atam-Shukal-Shiv Prashan Manch’ was beautifully conducted by Shri Shubham Ji Maharaj and a number of brothers and sisters added to their knowledge by enthusiastically participating in it. The Shri Sangh honoured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders in the contest. On 20th September free Medical Check-up Camp was organized in which thousands of patients were examined and free medicines were distributed.

On 21st September different schools presented a short play on the life sketch of Shivacharya in which 1st position was bagged by the students of P K R Jain Public School, 2nd position was held by P K R Jain Girls School and the 3rd was occupied by P K R Jain Vatika. P K R Jain Public School which stood 1st presented its programme on 23rd September again. On 21st September “Ek Raat Shivacharya Ke Naam”
programme was organized by Mahavir Yuvak Mandal, Sector-7 Ambala City in which feeling of devotion was spread by Bhakti. In the morning on 22nd September discussion amongst the members of Shravak Samiti was held and later during the day, a meeting of the Shravak Samiti was held in which the members expressed their views on the different plans of the Shraman Sangh.

On 22nd September, with the blessings and good wishes of Acharyashriji, the Chairman and the office bearers of Akhil Bhartiya Shravak Samiti inaugurated the Kshmapana Ank of Vimal Vivek Patrika. Samaj Gaurav Shri Vimal Jain Anshu presented his views on this occasion. ‘Kshamapana and Samarpan’ – bowing head before Acharyaji During the past four years many charges had been leveled against Shivacharyaji Maharaj for division of the Sangh. But he had been bearing all the disrespect like a true soldier of Lord Mahavira and continued to proceed in his ‘Veetraag Sadhana’. Many influential people tried to suppress him but he did not bow down against the truth. He continued to work for the Shraman Sangh. On the pious occasion of Samvatsari Acharya Shriji apologized to everyone from the inner core of his heart and brought the reality on the earth. The entire country welcomed this move. As the news of unity in the Shraman Sangh spread, brothers and sisters and distinguished members of various Shrisanghs individually and collectively reached to Acharyaji to convey their congratulations for this historic movement and asking forkshmapana as well.

Shri Kanti Lal Jain, The Chairman of  Akhil Bharat Varshiya Swetambar Sthanakwasi Jain Conference; Shri ParasChajed, General Secretary; ShriKesrimal Burar, The Chairman of Jeevan PrakashYojna; ShriNem Chand Chopra, Youth Chairman; Shri KishoreChabia and his team are few names to mention. The Kshmapana letter of Shri Roop Muni Ji Maharaj was presented to Acharyaji which sought the blessings of Acharyaji and stated that we are indebted to theopen heartedness shown by you and we shall work with you to make the organization of Shraman Sangh stronger than ever. For rest of the issues, we shall come to you shortly. From the Punjab (Northern India) Shri T R Jain, Shri Rajinder Kumar Jain, Shri Rajinder Pal Jain, Shri Vimal Parkash Jain (President, Jain Sabha Jalandhar), Shri Amrit Lal Jain, Amritsar, Shri Padam Jain, Patiala, Shri Subhash Oswal, Delhi came to Acharyaji and welcomed the openness of Acharyaji to ask for Kshmapana.

They also asked for Kshmapana on their behalf and said that the whole Punjab bows before you and we shall make efforts to bring other saints into the mainstream who are still having any grievance. We pray that the Shraman Sangh be united and remain united. On this occasion Shri Prem Raj Jain, President, S S Jain Sabha; Shri Gulshan Jain,Gernral Secretary and Shri Rattan Lal Jain, President, P K R Jain Girls Sr. Sec. School Managing Committeewere also present. Besides the above, a group of 21 members, including Shri Manakchand Kothari, Shri Chetan Parkash Dungarwal, Shri Lunawat Ji, as representatives of Banglore Shri Sangh congratulated Acharya Ji and prayed to Acharya Ji for their next Chaturmas for Banglore. Shri Harsh Kumar Manot, Hyderabad; Shri Abhay Kotecha, Amaravati and their colleagues got the blessings of Acharya Ji.

Rastriya Mahila Adhyaksha of the Conference Smt. Leelabai Lodha, Vice-President Dr. Madhu Bala Jain, General Secretary Lata Vohra etc also expressed their total dedication and reverence for Acharya Ji. Some other members who expressed their complete faith in Acharya Ji and had the grace of his appearance included The President of Gian Parkash Yojna, Shri Prem Chand Kotecha, Bhusawal; Chairman of Karnataka, Smt. Shakuntala Mehta and Shri RajinderJain ,ShriKimti Jain and their colleagues from Hyderabad. Union of Two Outstanding Scholars

The union of the founder of The Art of Living, Shri Ravi Shankar Ji and founder of the Atam Dhyan, Shri Shivacharya Ji Maharaj took place in a very cordial manner. The two Great men of the era expressed their gratitude to each other and said that they don’t need any formality and will like to talk in an intimate manner. Both give more importance to meditation and both are working for peace in the world by meditation and love and aim to develop a tension-free society. Shri Ravi Shankar Ji said to Acharya Ji that it is due to such ascetics that every thing in the world is working in an organized manner. He prayed for the blessings of Acharya Ji. He was welcomed by Shri Deepak Jain, Cashier; Shri Umesh Jain Chairperson of the Youth Shravak Samiti and Shri Vinay Jain, General Secretary and other distinguished members of the society.

On 24th November this holy Chaturmas reached it final closure. Ambala Jain Samaj organized a Farewell Ceremony to express their gratitude to Acharya Bhagwan Shri Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj, Mantri Shri Shirish Muni Ji Maharaj and their disciple saints, Maha Sadhavi Shri Sudha JI Maharaj and her disciple Sadhavi Mandal. The programme highlighted the pious and religious work done in Ambala by the Saints in the Chaturmas. The Jain Samaj expressed their hearty gratitude to them. Everyone seemed happy on the success of this Chaturmas and Acharya Bhagwan made a tearful farewell to the sadhus and sadhvis . This chaturmas shall always be remembered in the history of Jain Samaj of Ambala.

Meditation Teaches to Study by Delight With the kind blessings of Acharya Bhagwan Shri Shiv Muni JI Maharaj ‘Atam Chetna Shivir’ was organized in P K R Jain Public School by Shraman Sanghiya Mantri Shri Shirish Muni Ji Maharaj and Shri Shubham Muni Ji Maharaj in which students of 11th class participated. In this Shivir the participating children learnt the method to do Pranayam and meditation. The children used to be struck by tension due to their studies. They were told the methods to make tension free studies. They were also awakened about their responsibilities towards their home, school, city and the country by acknowledging the greatness inherent in them. It was a three-day camp in which Veetraag Sadhika Nisha Jain, Neha Jain, Smt. Renu Jain, Smt. Monti Jain, Smt. Kusum Jain and Smt. Damini Malhotra made their significant contribution.

The environment of the school improved a lot due to attending of the Shivir by more than 100 teachers of the school. The teachers said that earlier they used to get tensed and restless but now they remain active. The family life of the teachers also became healthy and affectionate. The teachers also said that we have done a lot of hard work to study and get degrees but we were going away from ourselves. This Shivir gave them an opportunity to know about themselves and it was indeed a big contribution of this camp.

The Third Atam Dhyan Sadhna Shivir Was held from 26th to 30th September under the kind blessings of Yug Purush, Rashtra Sant, Acharya Smrat, and Pujya Shri Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj in which several brothers and sisters participated in a very cordial atmosphere. Later Atam Samadhi Course and Advance-I course was organized from 1st October to 3rd October. From 4th October to 7th October Advance-II course was held. The meditators in these shivirs were given manifestation of their inherent knowledge and they learnt the art to become ‘Paramatma’ from ‘Atma’.The meditators from various places including Chandigarh, Panchkula, Yamuna Nagar, Delhi, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Malerkotla, Surat, Udaipur, Jammu and Ambala were the main beneficiaries.

The Mahila Mandal of Rajasthan who came to celebrate the birthday of Acharya Ji expressed their willingness to attend Meditation Camp. With the blessings of Acharya Ji, A special meditation Basic Course was organized for them from 24th to 25th September. All the members participated in the camp with great zeal. They expressed their desire to go in for Advance-I. With the blessings of Acharya Ji, Shri Shubham Muni Ji Maharaj organized ‘Atam Chetna Shivir’ for the students of 9th class of P K R Jain Public School, Ambala City in which 250 students participated. They were imparted the knowledge about the art of living, responsibility, the felling of greatness, the leadership qualities and personality development. The students took an oath to remain vegetarian and keep themselves away from bad habits. A similar Shivir was organized by Ms. Neha Jain for the students of 10th class in which 200 students participated. Shraman Sanghiya Mantri Shri Shirish Muni Ji Maharaj also held a Atam Dhyan Sadhna Shivir for the students of 11th class from 8th to 10th October in which 250 students participated With the kind blessings of Yug Purush, Shraman Sanghiya Chaturath Pattadhar, Acharya Smrat, Pujya Shri Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj, a meditation camp was organized for the cloth merchants of Ambala. In this Camp all the workers were given lessons on their responsibilities and art to live happily and lead healthy life through meditation. They felt so happy that many of them did forego their bad habits and took a bow to become great even by leading a normal life. They decided to opt service to society in a beautiful manner.

Atam Dhyan Sadhna Shivir In order to make change in the basic structure of the society, Shivicharya Shri Ji started a movement of ‘Atam Dhyan’. Under this movement, every Shravak gets manifestation of the inherent power and is made to realize his responsibility towards the family, society, country and the whole world. By exposing the qualities of leadership, they are manifested in the ‘Sharan Bhav’ from the ‘Karta Bhav’ i.e. I am not doer but an acceptor. Acceptance of any circumstance is salvation and its non-acceptance is pain. Therefore every one should remember his basic nature that he is an acceptor not a maker/creator. He gave knowledge about the pure ‘Veetraag Dharm’ and explaining its nature spread the knowledge of - who am I? From where I have come? And Where I have to go? They were imparted knowledge of ‘Veetraag Samayik’.

In this Chaturmas a total of 17 Basic, Samadhi, Advance-I, II, III Shivirs were held Besides 250 teachers were given training of Atam Dhyan. A Shivir was organized for the workers of the Cloth Market. Atam Dhyan Shivir for the students of M.B.A. and B. Ed. Colleges was organized in which 250 students participated. Communal disparities reduced. Shivacharyaji united the people with Arihant, imparted knowledge of Veetraagta and gave importance to collectiveness. He asked people to accept religion without politicizing it .Outside the Sathansk, from the very beginning of this Chaturmas, the various saints including Shri Shirish Muni Ji, Shri Shubham Muni Ji, Shri Suvrat Muni Ji, Shri Yash Muni Ji, Shri Shamit Muni Ji, Shri Nishant Muni Ji initiated programmes of meditation and enlightenment in the schools by addressing the students in the morning assemblies and enlightening them about the meditation. As a result shivirs were organized in all the schools including P K R Jain Public School, P K R Jain Sr. Sec. School, P K R Jain Model School, P K R Jain vatika School, S A Public School, C S Girls School, where meditation was practiced to thousands of children and teachers. More than 8000 children were imparted the knowledge moral and spiritual life and they took an oath to remain vegetarian and keep themselves away from the bad habits. ‘We are one’, this knowledge was also imparted to all.

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